About myself. Photographer Andrey Nekrasov

I started taking photos at the age of 10 when my parents presented me with a camera I wanted for my birthday. 12 years later, I was already taking pictures professionally when I started working in the press service of the National Guard of Ukraine. There, I gained tremendous experience working with the top leadership of the country, while photographing events at state and international levels. I also obtained the status of a participant in hostilities after long-term work in Anti-Terrorist Operations and Joint Forces Operation areas.

While photographing strength, defense, and power, I simultaneously began to shoot love and celebrations, which complemented each other and shaped my style in creating photography. Now I continue to study and analyze my pictures, and the works of world and Ukrainian photographers, I am improving the basics of composition, light, and color in order to take the best possible pictures for you. Each new shooting is a new experience, it is a new exam, and you give me the grade.

I also shoot, direct and edit videos. For me, this is another opportunity to show myself, to show what I saw and felt during the event. In addition, I shot clips, commercials, weddings, plots, and stories. I plan to write a script and make a film based on it.

My father, also Andrey Nekrasov, the Merited Artist of Ukraine, gave me the creative vision. My wife Katya and three daughters support and inspire me. I like to look for interesting and high-quality music, to take a view at sea, the feeling of travel, movies with meaning and comedies, whiskey, and exciting little things in life.

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